Congrats to the UW Mens basketball program for coming thru and winning the PAC-10 tourney and securing them a spot in the NCAA big dance. Such an amazing past 3 games of basketball. Dawgs always pick the good time to get hot and come through in the clutch. Big props to our 2 rookie starters and obviously IT for playing his heart out in pretty much every minute of every game in the tournament...Lil Zeke showed his leadership and ability to gel the team together, which was evident in the fact that the close games were going in our favor unlike previous losses during the regular season.

When IT did his cross-over to fade away jump shot I knew it was feeling ever. I present the last 3min of regulation when we started hitting tre-balls and OT..enjoy

Back to Back Pac...bring on Georgia!

Also I cant stop watching and going through the footage of the Japan earthquake. Below is a link that shows a before after of some of the jacked up areas...really tough to imagine even being in anything close to that situation. If you all can, I strongly urge you to donate a little coin..

Earthquake zone

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I assume most by now have heard about the Earthquake and Tsunami that has rocked northern Japan all the way down to the Tokyo region...It was the largest recorded earthquake in Japanese history, and the extent of the deaths and damage is still unknown. I am praying for all of those effected by the huge quake.

I have been getting a lot of messages and calls from friends around the world that were concerned about me and my family in Japan. I would like to say thank you all for the immediate voices of care and concern. Luckily I can report that all family and friends are accounted for and safe. Besides some structural damage to my Uncles house in Tokyo things have calmed down for my family its just getting through the small tremors that are still shaking Japan, and dealing with the aftermath of fear.

All the footage coming out of Japan is just scary. Again my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this massive natural disaster...

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Rookies have been stepping it up in the PAC-10 tourney...I hope the rest decide also to come out and play tomorrow....Zooonnnaaa, we coming for you!!!!

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I'm jumping on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon cause shit is just too bomb to pass up. Check out some of my favorite songs that have come out of the Charlie Sheen interviews...the black and yellow remix is actually pretty sick..Enjoy, Happy Friday from Singapore

Sick AutoTune: will get stuck in your head

Winning: Black and Yellow Remix

AutoTune Version 2:

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Everyday I'm hustling..hustling..

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Thursday, March 10, 2011 Posted in | | 0 Comments » pretty much what I can say about my golf game...unfortunately in the golf world thats not a good thing. Took the day off today to hit the links in Malaysia for a little round of golf (yeah my life sucks) Its been about 3 months since I last swung a club, and it showed today with my spectacular score of 110! I always tell myself that Im going to go to the driving range more and hit up the course every weekend, but can't seem to follow through.

So I've decided I need a coach and motivator. Anyone out there have a mean golf game and nothing to do for the next few months? I am offering free rent in Singapore (condo with pool, gym, and tennis courts) and free golfing on some truly amazing SE Asian courses! Anyone??? All I ask is to get me consistently shooting in the 80's....I figure Elliott Kunugi is good target, but the offer is open to all....holler at me!

In other news; I just linked my Iphone to Blogger so you might be seeing some more tweet or status update type blogs...but it wont be as gay as Nic Berry letting the world know where he is checking in at all times....

Slow-Carb update: PAGG is the word of the week...if you dont know, you better consult somebody

- Digital

PS: the asshole that owns hasnt updated his shit since 2006....pisses me off that I am degraded to putting a hyphen in my blogger address cause some d-bag who doesnt live up to the name Kento thought it would be cool to blog about American Eagle, the Gap, and Snow Patrol (link to shit post). You think I can offer him something for the address?

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Hey, been super busy with work...just a little post of some funnieeees that I saw..enjoy.

real blog to come
- Digital

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